Asterisk bounty CODEC Notice


Manager: ewieling
Bounty: USD 25
Date opened: March 16th, 2004
Contributors: ewieling ($25)


I am offering a $25 bounty for a patch that gets accepted into the Digium Asterisk CVS before May 1 2004 that does the following:

Print a NOTICE or WARNING on the Asterisk console if the negotiated codec for a SIP call is not ulaw or alaw and the DTMF mode is not Out of Band (i.e. rfc2833 or INFO)

Since there can be multiple codecs for a SIP peer we don't know what codec will be used until a call actually happens.

This is when the NOTICE or WARNING should be sent to the Asterisk console. Make it something informative like "Inband DTMF requires the ulaw or alaw codec to work well. The codec for this call is blah. Use INFO or RFC2833 DTMF mode on the SIP gateway or phone and set dtmfmode=info or dtmfmode=rfc2833 in the [sip-peer] section of sip.conf."

Bounty will be paid via paypal or via check using first class mail.

Additional comments

geertn attached patch chan_sip.patch on April 06, 2004

Original report

Created by: twisted, Last modification: Wed 21 of Apr, 2004 (06:00 UTC)
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