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Description of the function requested

Currently five variables are recognized by the "L" (call limit) option in the Dial application. These variables are used for playing back sound files to the callers to notify them that their call has begun or is going to end.

I would like asterisk to recognize two more variables to specify the "exit locations" for each channel if the time limit expires. In other words, I would like to be able to specify where in the dialplan the call should go specifically if time runs out. This way we can distinguish in the dialplan between a caller/callee who exited because the other line hung up, or using a DTMF exit, and one whose call was ended because (s)he ran out of time.

I don't care what the variables are called. Something like LIMIT_EXIT_CALLER and LIMIT_EXIT_CALLEE seems apropos, given the naming convention of the existing LIMIT variables. The variables can always be of the form "context,extension,priority" or "context|extension|priority" if necessary to avoid ambiguity. If we want to make context and extension sequentially optional (like the Goto command) that's okay with me too. If the variable is not set or does not match a valid form (or maybe if it's set to 0?), asterisk handles the channel the same way it does now.

How to contact the maintainer for this bounty

E-mail me at

The date this was started

Tuesday, 4 July 2006

The status of the bounty

Closed (Completed September 2006)

The combined value of the bounty


Licensing for the code

I'm quite content to have the code disclaimed and included for public use in future releases.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Created by: jburbage, Last modification: Sat 23 of Sep, 2006 (18:48 UTC)
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