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Call Pickup with CID info. (SIP)

When a call is transferred from a ringing SIP-Phone to an other SIP-Phone using the *8 feature no call info is displayed.
This is offcourse logical because the set is dialing out to *8 and therefore no Call Info can be displayed.

What we would like to see is a call-pickup feature which works like this:

A call arrives at a SIP-phone (Extension "X").

1. A user diales *8 on Extension "Z" (or any other featurecode that we would like)
2. Asterisk immediatly ends the call, but remembers the Extension of the person who dialed *8 (Extension "Z").
3. Asterisk might wanna wait for 1 second (to let Extension "Z" become idle)
4. Asterisk then transfers the incoming call on Extension "X" to Extension "Z".

This offcourse will result in a new incoming call on extension "Z" textwithtext CID Info.
An extra advantage of this is that the person on extension "Z" can choose whether to answer the call or not depending on the CID information.


2 Jul 2005: Patch for Asterisk 1.0.7 released at;

Please note that this ONLY applies to SIP-Channels!!

The patch was made by Marcin Pycko and we thank him for this!

This version of the code is tested on 1.0.2 and 1.0.3.
It complains about the 'fuzz' when applying to 1.0.3 but still works properly.
It will likely work on newer realeses as well, allthough we are hoping to have incorperated in Asterisk


Unpack the patch to eg: /tmp with unzip then go to the root asterisk source directory and

patch -p0 < /tmp/alternative_sip_pickup-1.0.2_v2.diff
make install

in configs/features.conf.sample you'll find the two options that have to be defined in /etc/asterisk/features.conf

alternative_pickup = yes ; Use alternative way to pickup the calls
alternative_pickup_wait = 4 ; Wait that many seconds before bringing the call to your interface

Now in order for it to work also the groups for the incoming channel have to match the picking channels
(eg: callgroup and pickupgroup) or if the incoming channel doesn't have calgroup defined the groups don't matter.

Good Luck,

Ramon Peek
Trends Telematics BV

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