Asterisk bounty Clear Command

Bounty: Clear Command

Manager: Jean-Claude
Bounty: USD 10
Date opened: Dec 18, 2006
Contributors: jean-claude ($10)

I am offering a $10 bounty for a patch that gets accepted into the Digium Asterisk CVS that does the following:

When an administrator is logged in to the CLI console, if they can type a command, such as CLS or clear or similar, it will simply clear the screen.

I find myself in a lot of telnet or ssh sessions, and such a feature would make debugging easier as it you would better be able to see what events are trigger by each call.

I realize this is a small bounty, but after all, this is also a small task. If I knew the language, I suspect this would be a simple patch, but alias, I never learned anything other then Basic and it's flavors (such as visual basic, etc).

Bounty will be paid via paypal or via check using first class mail.

(*Instructions on how to load the patch will be required from the patch author*)

I can be reached at JCD & (replace the & with an @)

Created by: jcdemars, Last modification: Sun 18 of Dec, 2005 (18:49 UTC)
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