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A bounty is offered for implementing fully dynamic parking. This would allow a FastAGI to set both ${PARKINGEXTEN} and ${PARKINGLOT} to values not specified anywhere in the Asterisk configuration, and have calls parked on ${PARKINGEXTEN}@${PARKINGLOT}. The AGI must be free to choose any numerical ${PARKINGEXTEN} and any reasonable string ${PARKINGLOT}.

This is for a hosted PBX system where there are multiple customers, each with a numerical ID which is a MySQL autoincrement field. Each customer may choose their parking slots independently. Customer ID 123 may choose 1001 to 1099 for their slots, and so the AGI would park the first call for that customer on ${PARKINGEXTEN} 1001 and ${PARKINGLOT} customer_123 (or similar). The AGI will always manage which parking slots are in use within each parking slot and your code doesn't need to worry about this.

The asterisk-dev thread starting with:

is useful to understand the background. In particular, this email is useful:

The bounty will be offered to whoever gets their code accepted into subversion by Digium for inclusion into a future version of Asterisk 1.6.X. Developers must both update this page and contact those making pledges to state their intent before starting work.


  • USD 500 via PayPal: Alistair Cunningham, Integrics, acunningham (at) integrics (dot) com

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