Asterisk bounty E and M FlashHook support


BOUNTY IS CLOSED Digium has been contracted to code the solution.

BOUNTY of $1000.00 US to be paid providing the following guidlines are met.

DEADLINE to having this for testing is May 31st 2005 12:00 PM EST.
If additional time is needed we can discuss an extension.

1. Add Flash hook capabilities to the Asterisk E&M channel which does not currently support FLASH-HOOK when running with Feature Group D.

I need to have FLASH HOOK ability added to this channel to enable my asterisk box to appropriately interact with
with an analog channel bank, and thus allow the channel bank to Blind transfer calls by passing "FLASH"<EXTEN> then hangingin up.

Following is an example of what i am trying to accomplish.

I am interested in your Quad T1/PRI Card.

I have a requirement where I must connect the card as follows

PRI-1------(from Telco)-----------> | |
| Asterisk PBX |
PRI-2------(from Telco)----------> | |
(PRI-3 E&M)
(Feature Group D)
(Adtran TA624)

I need to pass the incoming ANI/DNIS Info ariving from the Telco into the asterisk box on Spans 1 and 2, to the Adtran TA624 Connected to Span-3.
This should be accomplishable by enabling Feature Group D as the signalling for asterisk.
The Adtran will pass this information to the analog device between rings 1 and 2.

The anlog devices will perform some IVR functions, and then will issue a Flash Hook followed by an extetnsion number to transfer the
call to an available agent to assist the caller further.

2) The code should work with the latest CVS version of Asterisk, Both Stable and HEAD.

3) Disclaim the code (for potential inclusion in the Asterisk CVS) as described at, and post the code at

Asterisk bounty
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