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This page is outdated. See here for the current working zaptel drivers on FreeBSD.

BOUNTY: FreeBSD Zaptel Drivers

  • Maintainer: Troy
  • Opening date:
  • Status: Open
  • Total value:
  • Contributors: gunk ($250), chris coleman ($250), jtodd ($100 + $50), fgravato ($200), bkw918 ($50), marks ($100), Edvina/oej ($100), hkilmer ($100), Cylogistics/reallost1 ($250), kniveton ($50)


I'm placing a $250 bounty on getting Zaptel drivers working under BSD. While the 'hood' is open on this, we'd like to have drivers completed for FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD on the x86 platform (other platforms optional).

This needs to be done in a timely fashion. I'd like it completed by 6/30/2004, but once the project is started, we can adjust the deadline if it's not reasonable.

In addition to the Zap drivers, we will require that patches be submitted so that libpri, asterisk, and other parts of the project have clean and proper installations on a per-os basis, as determined by each system's hier(1) man page and ports/package system.
Additional Information In addition, I spoke with Chris Coleman from Daemon News/BSD Mall today, and he's willing to lend the hardware and place an additional $250 bounty on the project.

I would like Mark@Digium to donate/lend the hardware instead, as I believe he can do so more easily than BSD Mall can. I have not yet spoken to Mark about this yet.

Comments by Jtodd

All of the following environments need to be functional with the patches:
  • OpenBSD 3.4 (or -current, if required)
  • FreeBSD 5.2 (or -current, if required)
  • NetBSD 1.6 (or -current, if required)

  • Should work with X100P for calls in/out
  • should work with 2 X100P cards in a system
  • should work with TDM400P for calls in/out

"work" means:
  • DTMF functional for detection/transmission
  • sound quality identical to that of Linux cards
  • no pops/crackles/drops
  • caller name and caller ID functional on inbound calls
  • call recording works correctly
  • flash works correctly
  • other system resources are not adversely effected by use of card

T100P tests
  • Inbound calls with PRI signalling (T1)
  • Outbound calls with PRI signalling (T1)
  • Inbound calls with T1 channelized signalling (T1)
  • Outbound calls with T1 channelized signalling (T1)
  • IP routing with PPP over one or more channels on T1

Load testing
  • all 23 channels on a PRI
  • all 24 channels on a T1
  • should work with two T100P cards in a system or one T100P and one X100P

Questions for the people putting up the dough:
  1. ) Who has a machine that they can offer for development purposes?
  2. ) Who has a T100P card they can offer for development purposes? We probably need two cards; one for the test machine, and one for the load-generating machine.
  3. ) Who has a "real" PRI that can be used for testing purposes?
  4. ) Who can create better test cases than I have above in the 180 seconds I've had to write this?

Oej added:

Should also work as a Zaptel timer source for MeetMe and IAX2 trunking

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