Asterisk bounty IAX incoming-outgoing limit

Bounty amount: ?
Contributors: michaelrose
Status: Open


Limit for outgoing / incoming iax2 calls. (similar to h323 and sip)

Note: the chance that this will ever be incorporated into the Asterisk Source code is slim. As you can read in channels/chan_sip.c:

/*--- update_user_counter: Handle incominglimit and outgoinglimit for SIP users ---*/
/* Note: This is going to be replaced by app_groupcount */
static int update_user_counter(struct sip_pvt *fup, int event)

app_groupcount already exists and implements SetGroup, CheckGroup and GetGroupCount. This is all you need to specify access limits in your dialplan. An example is on the SetGroup page.

Another example is on the superdial macro page

Created by: oej, Last modification: Wed 16 of Feb, 2005 (19:37 UTC) by bjohnson
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