Asterisk bounty IPv6

The following text is deprecated. Asterisk supports IPv6 since 1.8


  • Bernhard Schmidt <berni at birkenwald dot de>, US$200 by PayPal


This bounty is payed to the one who can deliver full IPv6 support in (at least) chan_sip and chan_iax2, both inbound and outbound.
  • allow registration of phones on IPv6
  • allow inbound calls to be received with any adress family
  • make outbound calls with IPv6 automatically, try all addresses when the destination has several addresses (IPv6/IPv4, multiple IPv6, multiple IPv4)
  • handle REINVITE correctly when Asterisk is used for translation between IPv4 and IPv6

There are two softphones doing IPv6 so far (both for Unix), linphone (>0.11) and kphone with a patch. Also SER (Sip Express Router) by is doing IPv6 signalling already. The SER RTPproxy add on supports RTP gatewaying between IPv4 and IPv6 today.

The code should be of good quality to be imported into the CVS.


A usable version with most features should be ready by August 30th, 2005. The deadline can be expanded when development has started and more time for testing is needed.


Please contact me at berni at birkenwald dot de if you have any questions.
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