Asterisk bounty MGCP Media gateway

  • Maintainer: slepp
  • Date opened: march 28, 2004


The chan_mgcp appears completely designed to operate in CallAgent mode. We need it to operate in Media Gateway mode as well.

  • Register to MGCP Call Agent (via RSIP)
  • Handle incoming calls to lines (such as aaln/1@name)
  • Handle outgoing calls via the Call Agent (ie: MGCP/${EXTEN}@callagent) (by using NTFY?)
  • Respond appropriately to AUEPs
  • Anything else needed to make a successful call outbound to a Call Agent, and to receive a successful call inbound from a Call Agent

The bounty starts at $100 US. There is a deadline of April 5th, 2004, and if you are going to be working on it, please let me know. If you think you need more than $100, we can negotiate.

The bounty will be paid upon satisfaction of the above conditions and successful tests.

Created by: oej, Last modification: Sat 10 of Apr, 2004 (12:48 UTC)
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