Asterisk bounty NTT CLID

This issue has been resolved

As of July 2006 the following hardware/software combinations will now support NTT CLID ...
  • Ambient MD3200/Intel i537 PCI softmodem (aka X100P/X101P) with Steve Underwood's Unicall framework and chan_unicall
  • Apple USB modem with Apple's modem driver (MotorolaSM56.kext), Note: Unicall hookup for this is still work in progress
  • Digium TDM400 analog PCI card with Asterisk SVN-trunk-r11531 (reported by Joanna Liza Mariazeta)

Please note that Zaptel based analog setups do not work well with NTT POTS lines. Frequent false hangups are the norm and in particular X100P/X101P cards often hang up immediately when a call is answered. The only analog equipment that works consistently with NTT POTS lines is expensive gear with proper JATE type approval, e.g. NEC, Fujitsu, Audiocodes, Mediatrix etc.


Edit wcfxo.c in zaptel source and change the BATT_DEBOUNCE definition to 50 or higher. This fixes the false hangups, but may introduce the inability to detect hangups. Obviously, it is better to have the call and be stuck with it, than not have the call at all, but this quick hack worked for me.
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