Asterisk bounty PRI 2B channel transfer for NI2 PRI line

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-mflorell 2007-08-27

Maintainer: Express Line
Date opened: January 17, 2006
Status: Open
Value of bounty: $5000.00
Licensing for code: We retain intellectual rights to the underlying source code.

We need Asterisk (stable version) to be able to perform a 2B channel transfer for a NI2 B8ZS PRI line. We can't use a channelized T1 at the time for our work. This feature is commonly called a call transfer on analog phone lines. On an analog phone line, the incoming call is answered, a hook-flash is performed to get stutter dialtone, the telephone number to transfer to is dialed, and finally the caller hangs up the phone to complete the call transfer. This frees up the analog phone line to process another call and the central office handles the transfered call. This transfer feature can be done with a channelized winkstart T1, and is possible on a PRI. On a PRI, this feature is called a 2B Channel Transfer. Contact us at

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