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Date opened: July 10, 2004
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Allow a SIP device to register more than once so a single extension may exist in multiple locations.

Yes, Yes I know you could do all sorts of fun with the dialplan to produce a similar effect, but I still would like to be able to do this.

I have some users with a 7960 who are administrative assistants who monitor calls for 3 or 4 other people. It'd be nice to have two line instances for them, and one for the person(s) whom they assist.

Contact me: djimenez at if you're interested in making this happen.

I have users that get an account on my PBX.

I really don't care how many phones they want to use, hardware phones on their desktop or soft phones on their laptop while travelling. It's still a user with one account. When the PBX dials them, all their phones should ring.

Asterisk doesn't really bother with *users*, it has a device-centric view of life, universe and propably everything. With Asterisk, the user has to call me each time he wants a new device connected and I have to reconfigure his setup.

If I had support for multiple registrations on one [peer] account, the [peer] would become a user account instead of a device. And the user could add as many devices as he wanted (up to a defined limit) without bothering the administrator. I guess that's why a lot of people ask for this function.

However, since Asterisk doesn't really bother with a user concept, we really have to teach Asterisk about users. And user groups. Life is much more than hardware, little Asterisk :-)

I've been discussing this many times, and so has many other people. I think we need an elegant way of defining users to asterisk so we connect peers, users, agents and mailboxes to a *user* with one set of credentials. If you look into your Asterisk configuration, you will find that there are users and credentials for logging in everywhere. It's not easy to maintain at all.

After a lot of discussions on the IRC, I'm convinced that we at some point in time have to add ast_auth - a common infrastructure for handling users and authentication.

This is a good topic for the Asterisk Developer's Day at Astricon. Let's bring it up on the agenda - A new user and authentication structure for Asterisk.


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