Asterisk bounty SMDI


  • John Bittner ( USD 3000
looking to use Asterisk to replace voicemail servers used in legacy systems like Comdial. Serial intergration is required with 2 way communication. Email me at with any other questions.
  • W. Kevin Hunt (HuntTel, LLC USD 500

Please add more information to this request:
Are people looking for Comedian Mail to generate SMDI for consumption by external systems, Asterisk core to consume SMDI from external systems or both? ?both
Also, any preference on the transport? Is SMDI over a TCP socket sufficient or is some form of serial support mandated? serial mandated


SMDI support is available for Linux:

I lowered my bounty to $ 500.00 as we have used a different method other than SMDI for our message waiting indicator purposes, but would still like to see real SMDI for asterisk. It seems it's a poor decision to post a bounty w/o an expiration date, so my bounty will expire Dec. 1, 2004.

Asterisk bounty
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