Asterisk bounty SRTP/TLS SIP Apple iPhone

Bounty: Create SRTP/TLS SIP Apple iPhone

From: Andrea Cristofanini <andreaAT>
Bounty: 5000 to 10000 USD
Date opened: May 21th, 2008


I am offereing a $5000 to $10000 USD bounty to create a SRTP/TLS SIP client for iPhone Apple.
The program should be preconfigured via SMS.
Logo/images are provided.
The audio codecs that have to be supported are : GSM, ULAW, ALAW.
Audio Codec G729 is a plus
The Video communication is a plus

Usability, Video & Codec option are the point for get the reach the top bounty offert.

The timelimit have to be end of august.
The source code should be documented and relesed to us.

Created by: hydrolife, Last modification: Wed 21 of May, 2008 (11:00 UTC)
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