Asterisk bounty Speed Control and Volume Control


We are offering an $2,000 bounty for a patch that gets accepted into the Digium Asterisk CVS before May 15, 2008 that does the following:

1) add speed control in real-time (i.e. allow caller to speed up and/or slow down the recorded message in real-time)

2) add volume control in real-time (i.e. allow caller to raise/lower the volume of the recorded message in real-time)

both of these are achievable in non-real-time, using sox, and therefore integrating sox (as a library) into asterisk.

my guess is that the following functions would need reworking (in main/file.c):


although, possibly other's would also need work.

As far as I can tell, the SOX licensing is compatible with Asterisk, and can be compiled as library, allowing for integration.

please contact: asterisk-speed-bounty at chassidus dot com
Created by: dovidz, Last modification: Tue 29 of Apr, 2008 (22:16 UTC)
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