Asterisk bounty Trillian Plug-in

How Much

Sjobeck $25
abrecher $50

I hope others see the value in this & sweeten the pot.

I have posted this page's URL in the Trillan forums to try to bring that audience in.


I envision this trillian plug-in to show a small window in the trillian app', showing a few lines, that might include the following:
_ new voicemail
_ turn DND on & off
_ change my status to "on the phone" when my SIP extension is off-hook
_ et cetera (does any one else have a great idea of what might be added?)

The plug-in would be written as open as possible, so that future functionality be added as easily as possible.

Please briefly contact Jason before beginning coding.

See for more detail.


Any time.


I wish I knew my derrier from a hole in the ground & I would start writing this, but, alas, I dont, so someone with VisualStudio or VisualStudio.NET might knock this out for us.


Integration is next to godliness/dogliness.

Thanks very much.


Jason Sjobeck

Created by: sjobeck, Last modification: Wed 14 of Sep, 2005 (18:50 UTC)
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