Asterisk bounty VoiceMail Forward using Directory

Currently, in the latest CVS of voicemail, a user can only forward a message to another VM subscriber if the forwarder knows the extension of the person they want to forward to. However, what if there are 1000+ users and you do not know everyone's VM/Extension number.

A VM user should be able to forward a message to another subscriber by also using the Directory (for the logged in user's context) and being able to do a dial by name if you do not know the mailbox number/extension number. The user should be prompted for the extension number they want to send to or to press '*' to access the Direcotry

This patch will be contributed back into the community and committing the code back into CVS is part of the bounty work.
Created by: wtbfdb, Last modification: Sun 25 of Jul, 2004 (20:02 UTC)
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