Asterisk bounty Web GUI - Hosted PBX

THIS BOUNTY IS NOW CLOSED - Thank you everyone for your resposes.

Bounty for Web GUI and Hosted PBX

  • Description of the function requested - Asterisk GUI/Hosted PBX
  • The maintainer - Albert Rodriguez -
  • The date this was started - August 5, 2004
  • The status of the bounty: Open
  • The combined value of the bounty - US$10,000.00
  • Licensing for the code - Closed Source


This is closed source project that will ideally be created utilizing PHP;
MySQL; HTML; Apache and deployed on Linux. Create a fully featured,
web-based interface to allow the features listed below.

The $10,000.00 bounty quoted is for the entire project, including features
to be determined and which may include - but will not be limited to - more
granular context management, profile management, call logging, faxing and
integration with existing deployment. This is also an open-ended project and
upward revisions to the bounty will be considered.

Partial bounties will be awarded at certain milestones. The first milestone,
from $500 - $1,000 will be awarded upon the delivery of a working prototype
web front-end allowing basic functionality of most of the items listed
below. The actual amount and deliverables are open to negotiation.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. We look forward to your
submissions. Good Luck.


  • Add User
  • Create Asterisk Extension
  • Choose username
  • Choose Password
  • Enter e-mail for voicemail
  • Choose DID
  • Choose Extension #
  • Choose existing ACD Group


  • Create an ACD Group
  • Choose Existing DNIS, Add New DNIS or Add Extension
  • Choose from existing users/extensions and add to ACD group
  • Select dialing order
    • Most Idle
    • Least Idle
    • Rotary
    • Ring All
    • If Idle Try This Extension First
  • Select Off-Line Action (i.e. if no one is logged into ACD group, send to auto-attendant, voice mail, etc.


  • Create IVR/Auto Attendant Call Flow
  • Add Toll Free or DID from existing database
  • Create Call Flow
  • Upload Recordings
  • Allow caller to "0" out
Logic to be determined


  • Extension/User Management
  • User can set the following options:
  • Number of rings to voice mail
  • Follow-me number
  • Do not disturb
  • Allow caller to "0" out & extension to transfer to
  • e-mail for voicemail
  • Login/out into available ACD group
  • Call Waiting or Voicemail if busy


  • Administrator
  • Add Users
  • Add DIDs, Toll Frees, Extensions
  • Restrict 1+ or 011+ dialing for users
  • Add ACD Groups
  • Add Auto Attendant
  • Set System to Night-Mode
  • Define Auto Attendant
  • Upload Music on Hold

Asterisk Bounty

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