Asterisk bounty bluetooth cell-phone support


In Alpha; Theo Zourzouvillys (theo at has released a version that is at least partially working. See chan_bluetooth.

Other people who had expressed interest in working on the code previously:
  • Stefan de Konink (skinkie at
  • Ozed (ooseghale at
  • Jurczak Marios (jurczak at

Date Started

  • Bounty posted on 09/29/2004.
  • Initial alpha released by Theo on 10/20/2004.


  • Jay Milk (jay at $100 (+$50 if it supports multiple cell-phones simultaneously)
  • Nate Carlson (nate at $50
  • Jon Radon (jonr800 at $25
  • Nick Barnes (nick at $100 (assuming support for Nokia 6310i etc.)
  • Jérôme Barré (jbarre at $75
  • Holger Winkelmann (hw at $100 (assuming support for Nokia 6310i, 6230, SE K700i)
  • Daniel "cuban" Jimenez djimenez AT pobox DOT com ($75)


Please contact Nate Carlson at the address above for any contributions to this, or if you'd like to work on it.


Bluetooth phones can send/receive calls via AT commands on a "virtual" serial port, and then pass the audio data using the Headset protocol. We'd like to see support in Asterisk to send and receive calls with a Bluetooth phone. This would allow people to come home after work, throw their cell phone on a desk, and receive incoming calls to their Asterisk extensions. It'd also allow calls to be routed out via a cell phone, for cheap minutes or whatnot. One other option is to get two phones on a really cheap Family Time plan, and be able to route calls via an Asterisk gateway to your normal LD provider. :)


- This channel needs to work with a readily available Bluetooth USB dongle.
- It is desirable that this operate using the serial/headset profiles mentioned above, and be extensible to utilize the up-and-coming telephony profile.
- It is desirable that multiple phones can be paired with the Asterisk box.
- When controlling the phone via "virtual serial port", AT commands shall be configurable separately for each phone.
- Each phone shall have a configurable pairing/unpairing event; that is, when a phone becomes visible to Asterisk, Asterisk can be configured to dial an extension or execute a script; ditto for the event that a phone leaves the Bluetooth network. This will allow automatic control of "home" vs. "away" modes, leading to more autonomous call-handling for home and small-office installations.
- This channel must be compatible with SonyEricsson T68 and T61x phones (& hopefully Motorola)
- The CID for incoming calls be passed to Asterisk. Not sure about name - there is an option to pass it on if the phone knows it, which probably would be nice.

For more information, please see the thread at:

In order to claim the bounty, the developer will have to show a channel which supports bluetooth, and is able to:
- Pair one or more cellular phones with a USB Bluetooth dongle installed on an Asterisk box.
- Generate an incoming ring event when a paired cellular phone is ringing.
- Allow routing this incoming call via bluetooth into Asterisk with full audio. (i.e. reach voicemail/IVR, or answer the call at an extension)
- Allow routing of outgoing calls through the cellular phone via bluetooth (i.e. Dial(BT/<phone>/<number>,<options>) )

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