Asterisk bounty chan_sip

This bounty has been completed and delivered. I will update this once the final approval has been provided to release the source code.

Amount: USD$500 if before Sunday 20th August 2006 at 2200 GMT, see end for longer bounty details.
Status: Not Started - nobody has notified me of their interest in coding this yet.
License: Probably to be disclaimed, though this will need to be confirmed.
Date posted: 18th August 2006

I need to have a mysql table which will collect SIP authentication requests which either fail, or which change the registered status. This should ideally work using the realtime DB interface, but I only need MySQL to work.

Needs to log to a new table:
Source IP
Result (Success/Fail/any others which are useful??)

Also, should log unregistration events from high qualify times to a new table:

Finally, also log results after the call (if possible, this could be in the same table as the cdr)
Packet Loss
Other related values

Code needs to work on current 1.2.10 (Optionally, would be nice if it worked on head as well which will make it easier to have it included in the source later).

Code will be released and disclaimed, as we don't want to maintain private patches.

Biggest problem, need the code before Sunday 20th August 2006 at 2200 GMT. If you can do it but will take a bit longer, then it is OK, but the bounty will reduce at $100 per 24 hours, which means the bounty will expire if not completed....

Best contact method will be by phone due to the short time available, of course voip is best
Use this extension: Dial(IAX2/guest@

If you can't get the above to work or something, then email to astwiki at websitemanagers . com . au but note there will likely be delays in communication...
Created by: adamg, Last modification: Sun 20 of Aug, 2006 (13:11 UTC)
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