Asterisk bounty fix stability issue with app_AMD

500$ bounty for fixing a crash problem in Asterisk when using app_AMD.

See bug ID 7885 although we believe there are two separate issues on this bug ID:
  1. segfault when zap channels are full and additional calls are Originate'd via AMI
  2. memory leak in app_AMD which eventually causes a segfault after around 18,000 calls have passed through it
Just to be clear: it is issue 2 that is important to us as issue 1 can be avoided by not trying to place a call when they there are no zap channels available.

If you wish to apply for this bounty, please contact cpw AT syntec DOT co DOT uk before uploading any patches, etc.. Please CC sebast AT syntec DOT co DOT uk for all correspondance.
Created by: colinwes, Last modification: Tue 19 of Sep, 2006 (17:41 UTC)
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