Asterisk bounty function CURL timeout v1.2 and 1.4

BOUNTY PAID ON 6/24/2008, if you have interest in this functionality please comment on the bugtracker -

1.2 and 1.4 patch reads a CURL_TIMEOUT channel variable that can be set (in seconds) befure CURL is called.

$250 USD each (v1.2 and 1.4) for patches to the asterisk CURL function that expand the syntax to allow other curl options to be passed form asterisk to curl. The primary concern is the absolute timeout value so a loss of connectivity to the web server does not result in call progress interruption. (-m # of seconds??). This should be a relatively small job. Disclaimers must be on file with Digium and the patch must be submitted to the bug tracker for all versions allowing changes (1.4?). paid via PayPal upon completion of work and testing (within 2 business days of receiving working patch). Damon at soho-systems dot com. v1.2 is a priority and must be completed before a v1.4 bounty will be paid. looks like the same change with 2 patches to me.

UPDATE - bounty has been claimed, pending some testing. Patch submitted for 1.6, and patches for 1.2 and 1.4 will be posted here when tested.

Created by: sohosys, Last modification: Wed 25 of Jun, 2008 (03:48 UTC)
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