Asterisk bounty non-Bellcore-CLID

X100P unable to do this ?

Okay, so since this was posted there has been some work on the TDM series (infact, there are options for it in CVS) but the X100P remains an issue. This is apparently due to some hardware impossibilities of the card. If you feel this is in error and would like to claim the bounty, feel free to contact me.


  • Purpose: Supporting CLID on X100P and similar with non-Bellcore lines (in my particular case: Dutch PSTN)
  • Maintainer: Florian [Sim] Overkamp
  • Started: May 2, 2004
  • Bounty is CLOSED
  • Value: EUR --,-
  • Licensing: Should be disclaimed and accepted into CVS


This has been a very long standing issue with many people experiencing CLID not working on their card. For instance this exerpt from Armand Verstappen, dated July 22, 2003:

It does not work in the Netherlands. The Netherlands does not use FSK signalling, but DTMF signalling:

1) polarity reversal
2) DTMF: <D><Number><C>
3) ring signal

where <D> and <C> are the DTMF tones 'D' and 'C' respectively, signalling start and end of DTMF Caller-ID transfer.

Exact specification (including length of tones and pauses) is in this

I would really love to see this fixed (I am in the Netherlands too) and I know more people are interested so chip in you guys!

Swedish CLID spec

Bugtracker IDs:

UK Caller ID (which is different again) is working now, though not yet integrated into CVS:


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