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Update 2004/11/08 08:00am CST: Jeffrey C. Ollie has begun work on this bounty.

Update 2004/11/09 10:00am MST: By Damon Estep - vmoutcall_app version 0.1 delivered, undergoing testing, looks good so far, bounty paid. Thank you Jeffrey C. Ollie for a fast turnaround and quality work.

Update 2004/11/10 01:00am CST: Patch has been submitted to the bugtracker: Bug #0002824

Bounty $500 US from SOHO Systems, via PayPal or Check


This bounty is for an outcall notification application that monitors users voicemail boxes and calls them at a configured phone number at a regular interval during configured hours to notify them that they have new mail and give them the option to enter their mailbox to review the new mail.

Feel free to add to the bounty for this useful app, we all benefit!

The application could either be integrated into * or stand alone. The basic architecture is;

Configured by file, similar syntax to * for consistency outcall.conf ?

General section
Outcall interval
Randomization value - to prevent overloading of trunks during outcall cycles
asterisk callfile queue path
Callfile macro (accepts args from below)

voicemail boxes section
mailbox to monitor - /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/context/mailbox/inbox
Days of week and hours of day for notification (* syntax)
Args for callfile macro

At the outcall interval the application would read the config file to determine which folders would be scanned during the current interval (based on day of week and time).

For each folder where there is a message in the inbox folder a call file would be dropped in the callfile queue in * . The instructions in the callfile would come right out of the config file, unique to each user. A random time delay would be placed in the call file less than or equal to the configured randomization interval. By storing the callfile script in the config file changes in the way * handles callfile processing could be easily accommodated without modification of the outcall app.

A sample callfile script compatible with current CVS-HEAD that performs the following function needs to be included;

Call the configured number
Wait for answer
Loop a sound file until timeout
Listen for DTMF to allow the user to enter mailbox access extension and be connected to voicemail.
User would then select mailbox and enter password to review VM, saving all messages to other folders or deleting them to avoid an outcall on the next interval.

The application needs to be open source C with the goal of entering the CVS (while this might be accomplished faster in Perl or some other script language, it would not be clean enough for our purpose if implemented that way).

CONTACT – Damon Estep, SOHO Systems, damon at

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