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Date opened: August 4, 2004
Status: open (but check with contributor first)


1. Write a call parking application for Asterisk that will allow the full use of the SNOM 200 programmable buttons/LEDs. The five programmable buttons should have this behaviour:

a) If a parking slot is occupied, the corresponding button LED should be lit. If it is not occupied, it should be unlit.

b) If a call is in progress on the user's phone, pressing an unlit button should transfer the call from the user's phone into the parking slot associated with that button.

c) If a call is not in progress on the user's phone, pressing a lit button (corresponding to an occupied slot) should transfer the parked call to the user's phone.

d) The SNOM 200 has five buttons, so there is a maximum number of parking slots. (The SNOM 220 can have many more, however). The button-to-slot assignments should be constant, rather than using "first free available" assignment.

2. The installation and configuration of the call parking application should be fully documented at Configuration of both Asterisk and the SNOM 200 phone settings needs to be described.

3. The code should work with the latest CVS version of Asterisk, and the latest available firmware for the SNOM 200 (currently v3.35, at

4. Disclaim the code (for potential inclusion in the Asterisk CVS) as described at, and post the code at


The SNOM 200 is designed to implement the call parking procedures described above, if the SNOM 4S server software ( is used. Basically this job involves making Asterisk act like the SNOM software.

Currently (with v3.35 of the firmware, anyway) it is possible to program a button to correspond to extension 700 (using the SNOM park orbit setting), and park calls in the standard Asterisk call-park application using that button. However, it is not possible to program buttons as extensions 701, 702, etc, and have them pickup parked calls or display parking slot status. I do not know what the technical problem is.


Aug 31/04: David Hinkle indicated some interest in working on this problem, given time and a large enough bounty. See his posting to the asterisk-dev list.

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