Asterisk bounty windows manager

Bounty: Win32 Asterisk call manager client

Manager: denon
Bounty: 460 USD
Date opened: january 14th, 2004
Contributors: denon ($300), bfranks ($50), sivana ($50), brc_ ($10)


I'm personally offering a $300 bounty on a Win32-based Asterisk call manager client.

Its duties would include gastman-like functionality, being able to graphically manage calls, conferences, queues, etc. I'd also need functionality to allow for end-users to manage a handful of call settings, such as manually setting themselves away, call forwarding, and being able to "close up shop" early for the day. All of this would most likely be done with astdb and customized extensions.

I'll make myself very available to discuss architecture plans (ie: encapsulating the actual calls to * in an object, that could also be hooked from other applications, or later extended with a bridge to PIMs, etc). The configs for each user would most likely be stored in a local xml or ini file. We could also pull these from a fileserver or http server — I've got some great ideas for management, for anyone interested.

I feel the project should be coded in NATIVE win32, based on C# and the .NET framework. What we need is a fast, clean win32 interface, not a clumsy port that always looks like a port. :)

I believe a fair amount of money would be available from Digium for this project as well, and I'm hoping a few others will help me up the ante as well.

The project should be "accepted" relatively soon, and completed within 3 months of acceptance. This deadline can be easily changed if the situation merits it. Feel free to /msg me (denon) on irc with any questions or thoughts.


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