Asterisk cli srx show layers


srx show layers


This command shows information about the Sirrix ISDN stack.


MASTER: port 0x0000
l1: port=0x0000, type=BA, mode=TE, ptp=1, ma=1, act=1:
l2=08115618, tei= 0, st='ST_L2_70_MULTIPLE_FRAME_ESTABLISHED_NORMAL':
l3h: cr_out={ }, cr_in={ }
l3=0818fef0, cr=( -1, -1), occ=0, ces_m=00000000, hr_m=00000000, hr_s=00000000, st='L3 NULL STATE(U0)'


  • MASTER shows which port currently is used for clock synchronisation
  • l1 shows information about Layer 1
    • port specifies the Sirrix.PCI4S0 hardware port
    • type currently always is BA for basic access
    • mode is TE for terminal equipment or NT for network termination
    • ptp is 1 for Point-to-Point or 0 for Point-to-Multipoint
    • ma is 1 if this port may become clock master (master allowed)
    • act is 1 if the Layer 1 has been activated (green LED on card is on)
  • l2 shows information about Layer 2 (followed by the memory pointer in hex)
    • tei shows the assigned TEI (terminal equipment identification)
    • st show the current state of the Layer 2 state machine (see ITU-T Q.921 for state descriptions)
  • l3h shows information about all Layer 3 of a Layer 2
    • cr_out show a list of active outgoing CRs (call references)
    • cr_in show a list of active incoming CRs (call references)
  • l3 shows information about a single Layer 3 (followed by the memory pointer in hex)
    • cr displays the CR (call reference) and if it is incoming 1, or outgoing 0
    • occ is 1 if this Layer 3 is currently in use (occupied) by call control (Asterisk channel driver)
    • ces_m, hr_m and hr_s are memory pointers to other Layer 3 instances that have a relationship to this Layer 3 (CES, Hold Master, Hold Slaved)
    • st show the current state of the Layer 3 state machine (see ITU-T Q.931 for state descriptions)
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