Asterisk cli srx show stats


srx show stats {port}

where port is a Sirrix port (0000, 0001, 0002, 0003, 0100, 0101 ...)


This command shows Layer 1 statistics of a Sirrix ISDN stack port.


IPAC statistics: port=0000, rab=0, rdo=0, crc=0, vfr=0, rfo=0, xmr=0, xdu=0, slip=0, empty=0, frame=24


  • rab: Receive Message Aborted counter
  • rdo: Receive Data Overflow counter
  • crc: CRC check sum error counter
  • vfr: Invalid Frame counter
  • rfo: Receive Frame Overflow counter
  • xmr: Transmit Message Repeat counter
  • xdu: Transmit Data Underrun counter
  • slip: Slip detected counter (a large amount of slips indicates a synchronisation problem on the S-interface, see "master" setting in sirrix.conf)
  • empty: Empty frame counter
  • frame: Good Frame counter
Created by: sirrix, Last modification: Thu 04 of Aug, 2005 (11:24 UTC)
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