Asterisk click to call

There are a number of different ways to implement "Click-to-call" functionality, which allows you to dial a phone number without actually dialing it. The convention for these scripts is to tell Asterisk to call your extension, wait for you to answer the call, and when you do, initiate a new call to the destination number.

Downsides of click-to-call include A) that you start to forget phone numbers that were once stored in memory, and B) when you're using foreign interfaces that don't provide you with the clickability, you often wonder how those around you live without it.

Click-To-Call FREE in your Website

Anveo ContactME widget is free Click To Call solution from Anveo. Stay in touch with the online community and keep your personal contact information private. Fully customizable;you can change look and feel of Anveo ContactME button; upload multiple pictures and music ringtones. Here is how to use Anveo ContactMe with your Asterisk: Click to Call from Anveo with Asterisk - HowTo
Click to call through Asterisk PBX Easiest Solution on the web for click to call with open source code
VoIP click to call solutions A wide range of web based click2call, callback and p2p solutions from Mizutech integrated with Asterisk or Voipswitch servers.

Yuboto ClicktoCall - Turn Key Solution - Turn visitors into customers

Click to Call by Yuboto
Create and add a fully functional and customizable Click to call button for your website in minutes.
Click to Call in online environments
Click to Call on printed materials

Superb voice quality, low calling rates. Register now for free and try the service with the test credits provided!

AsteriskC2D for iPhone

AsteriskC2D and AsteriskC2DPro allow you to route your calls via Asterisk or indeed any VoIP style PBX. AsteriskC2D is not a VoIP phone but a call initiator, and can be configured the route the call back to your iPhone or deskphone or maybe hotel phone!

A small but fully functional click to dial app for OS/X Supports multiple dialers including mobile phone and Asterisk. Includes, call timer, notepad, log, and while you were away as well as extensive support for automation through applescript.

Asterisk Click To Call

Click To Call Solution
Asterisk click to talk software solution design, development & configuration as per custom requirements by Asterisk experts.


Anveo ContactME widget is free Click To Call solution from Anveo. Online visitors can call your business from the website and get the same IVR call experience as if they dial into your business line.
  • Free - no ads
  • Receive Text Messages without revealing your email address
  • IVR (Call Flow) based
  • can be integrated with Conference Call
  • Fully customizable look
  • upload multiple pictures
  • upload custom ringtone
Here is how you can use Anveo ContactMe with your Asterisk: Click to Call from Anveo with Asterisk - HowTo

Next Solution
The C2C is the NEXT simplest way you to use your web page to communicate ACTIVELY with your client.
A customer who is browsing your site can establish a VoIP call with a single click, no software installation and without complication.
All you need to do is access our system and ask to your Webdesigner insert our Pop-Up.
  • Mode - Ads Free
In our store, the NEXT customer can make the purchase through periods of use of the C2C without advertisements.
Refer to "My Account" to view your C2C on "Ads Free" and "White Label" modes.
  • Mode - White Label
You can also choose to replace all the images and create your own C2C, use your brand and make a difference to your customers

WebX|Full web based softphone

Next Solution
The WebX works like a conventional softphone, it allows choice of CODECs to make and receive calls through a SIP account. But WebX can still do much more for you.
Being based on Java Script WebX works through a browser and can be accessed from anywhere, with the same quality and functionality of a conventional softphone
Moreover, just as a SIP server is informed in the register of a new account and this field is hidden for the end-user, this will allow complete customization of WebX with ease.
  • Mode - Ads Free
In our store, the NEXT customer can purchase use of WebX without advertisements.
  • Mode - White Label
You can also choose to replace all the images and create your own WebX, use your brand and make it different to your customers.

Webphone software

Mizutech voip software
The Mizu Webphone is a small SIP standard based java applet that runs from web browsers under all OS with java support.
Tested and works well with Asterisk with lot's of features like g.729 and wideband codecs, call transfer, voip tunneling and customizable user interface.
To download it go to webphone presentation and download

Noojee Click by Noojee Telephony Solutions

Noojee Click for Asterisk is a free Firefox extension which turns phone numbers on EVERY web page into 'Click to Dial' links.
Noojee Click works with your existing Asterisk Server (1.4, 1.6).
It uses the new Asterisk AJAM service so you don't need to install any server side components.
To download it go to Noojee Click

Noojee Click is designed for people running an Asterisk PBX. Noojee Click works by scanning pages for phone numbers as you surf the web. When Noojee Click finds a phone number, it adds a small 'Noojee Dial' icon just after the number. You can then click on the 'Noojee Dial' icon to dial the phone number.
Phone number recognition is controlled by a set of simple patterns which you set via the Noojee Click configuration panel. This allows you to localize the set of recognized phone numbers.
Works with Firefox 2.x and 3.x.

TBDialOut - Click to dial for Thunderbird

TBDialOut is a Thunderbird extension that adds clickable links and toolbar buttons to Thunderbird's address book, enabling you to dial directly from the addressbook. TBDialOut supports a number of options for initiating calls, including direct integration with Asterisk using the Asterisk Manager Interface. Find out more on the TBDialOut website.

TACI (Trivial Asterisk Call-generator Interface)


TACI is a Perl CGI script to make a call (currently SIP, IAX, & ZAP) from a web-page. It connects to the Asterisk manager API.

Some users have reported that using version 1.0.5+ of Asterisk, on line 177 of the script, you have to add a space so that the priority line syntax is correct, e.g. use "Priority: 1" instead of "Priority:1".

Integrating Click-To-Call in your Browser

With the Greasemonkey extension for the Firefox browser and Ralf Muehlen's voip_dial_user.js script that goes with Greasemonkey, you can dynamically link every phone number you come across to your custom click-to-dial script. Just edit the JS code above and change the return URL in the "trackUrl" function.

Integrating Click-To-Call in your Browser or Java Application

With there exists a Java based wrapper for the IAXClient library. So you could include it in your Java Application. It does also include an applet - which does provide the functionality to browser by the use of javascript.

Integrating Click-To-Call on your Mac - the convenient way

A native Asterisk Call Control GUI CallControl for Mac. It connects to the Asterisk Manager interface and is compatible with MacOS X 10.5 + and Asterisk 1.2 and 1.4. You will be notified about incoming calls on screen with Growl and you can dial from the MacOS X Adressbook and from the application. There is a 30 days trial version available on the site.

Click to Dial from almost any Mac Application.. not just Addressbook:


Integrating Click-To-Call in your Mac OS X Addressbook

This Applescript will allow you to dial phone numbers in your Mac OS X Addressbook using your Click-to-dial script:

using terms from application "Address Book"

on action property
return "phone"
end action property

on action title for p with e
return "Dial with Asterisk"
end action title

on should enable action for p with e
if value of e is missing value then
return false
return true
end if
end should enable action

on perform action for p with e
set telephone to the value of e
set dialUrl to "" & telephone
open location dialUrl
end perform action

end using terms from

Put this script in the ~/Library/Addressbook Plug-ins/ directory, and when you restart Addressbook, you should be able to right-click on the phone numbers and select "Dial with Asterisk". You could obviously apply this script more broadly to other applications where phone numbers are made available.

Integrating Click-To-Call in your Mac OS X Addressbook #2

A native Address Book Dialer is included in OS-X Client of the app_notify package.

Another option is the free to use Interconnect API available from AgiForge it has a SOAP and XML-RPC interface

Asterisk Extras Implementation

Also available at Asterisk Extras is a Click to Call app that allows for any or multiple extensions to utilize it via cookies. Also a Grease Monkey script as well for Firefox detection of phone numbers.

Mexuar Corraleta (Worlds first Java Click to Call technology)

All the above excamples are great if you just want to initiate single user outbound click to call but if you want to implement server wide inbound click to call to your Asterisk server then Mexuar Corraleta in an outright ownership or hosted version is the way to go. It connects any java compliant browser to any asterisk extension or queue as configured.

Zoiper webphone (Active-x and npapi webphone for internet explorer, firefox, opera, safari and google chrome.)

The zoiper webphone is a version of the zoiper softphone (IAX and SIP) that can be embedded in most browsers. this native solution ensures the same quality as desktop phones with the added ease of distribution and configuration
All call functionality and configuration can be controlled with javascript, enabling a single sign-on experience for the users.
A free trial can be downloaded (call duration is limited to 3 minutes)

Integrating Click-To-Callback to your website using Asterisk

Easy to implement; How To use Anveo ContactMe with your Asterisk: Click to Call from Anveo with Asterisk - HowTo
Here's a useful writeup on how to put a click-to-callback button on a webpage, using Asterisk, PHP and AJAX.

Integrating Click-To-Call in your Browser with your Asterisk

Loquaxity is an hosted service that permit to crate a web button and managed it in a really simple way.
You can route your call to a hard/soft phone, landline or an Asterisk or in general VoIP PBX through IAX2 or SIP protocol.

Real World Use of Click-To-Call

DigitalNI - Click To Call Have taken an asterisk based implementation of Click To Call and built some fantastic web services and javascript libraries. Good to see some real work use of our Open-Source Software.

Astitray: A click to call gnome/desktop and windows application

Astitray is a desktop application to launch call to you phone using a central application.
  • The central application make authentification
  • Desktop application as no direct connexion to asterisk (no manager account). Central application speak with asterisk directly
  • Central application use a database (ldap or flat file for the moment) to identify, authentify and find the owned phone
  • Address book is published on central application for desktop application
Astitray should be extended to handle other pbx (not only asterisk).

Asterisk Click2Dial Extension for Firefox

Asterisk Click2Dial is a multi-OS Firefox Extension under GPL.
It is very easy to use, when you have a phone number in a web page or an email, select it and do a right-click, click on "call" option, it will ring your phone, when you pick up your handset, it will call the number selected.
New feature, you can dial directly with Asterisk Click2Dial included textbox in Firefox status bar.

Dial On Phone: the unified click-to-call solution by Slimphony

Dial On Phone is a SIP based click to dial client/server productivity solution that enables users to place calls from any desktop applications or a URL link to any telephony target (PSTN or VOIP protocol) through their desk phones -or any other (authorized) phone device of their choice.

Most click-to-call solutions are adherent to the PBX and do not support the dialling of VOIP protocols (sip, skype, msn, gtalk, etc...) alphanumeric addresses. Dial On Phone is PBX vendor independent and can either transfer or bridge calls between PBXs, SIP gateways or SIP trunks.

By leveraging on SIP both as a first-party CTI protocol and to interconnect TDM & VOIP communication silos, the Dial On Phone solution is the glue that turns your desktop into a URL & Copy/Paste style dialer, and your existing desk phone into a multi-protocol endpoint.

Delacon's EasyClick2Call - Best rates in Australia!

Delacon's EasyClick2Call offers a cost-effective and simple Click to Call method to reduce website abandonment and increase sales conversions. The application improves your sales conversion rates by offering your customers an easy contact point if they are confused or have questions while browsing your site. Reduced customer frustration means greater satisfaction.

How it works:
A Click-to-Call icon is placed on your website. When a browser clicks the icon a pop-up box appears asking the browser to enter their telephone number. Once completed, a two-way call is automatically initiated, one to your call centre or sales department and the other to the customer’s selected number – it’s simple and fast. No additional hardware of software is required.

It’s simple to add to your existing site! Delacon can add the Click-to-Call icon to your existing website within 30 minutes. You can also design your own button in any style you like!

Get started at EasyClick2Call | Check our rates

Asterisk Click2Call Extension for Google Chrome

Bitree offers a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to dial any phone number directly from the browser with your Asterisk PBX.
Make calls from any web pages or web based applications such as CRM systems, etc.

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