Asterisk cmd AbsoluteTimeout


Set absolute maximum time of call


Deprecated in 1.2 in favor of TIMEOUT(absolute) function
Removed in 1.4



  • Set the absolute maximum amount of time permitted for a call. A setting of 0 disables the timeout.
  • Note that the timeout is set from the current time forward, not counting the number of seconds the call has already been up.
  • Each time you call AbsoluteTimeout(), all previous absolute timeouts are cancelled.
  • Will return the call to the T extension so that you can playback an explanatory note to the calling party (the called party will not hear that)

  • New Syntax in Version 1.2

Return codes

Always returns 0.

Note that the behaviour described above only applies if the channel has been answered. If it hasn't, then all bets are off - the T extension is never run and any Wait() commands are ignored from the timeout point onwards. Any commands/functions which may take time to run (e.g. CURL()) are allowed to run their course regardless of how long they take.

See also

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