Asterisk cmd Busy

Indicate busy condition and wait for hangup



Sends a signal to inform the channel of a busy condition. This command waits for the user to hang up unless the optional timeout has been specified (in seconds). Busy() does not continue execution of further commands.

On SIP channels this will send "486 Busy Here" to the endpoint.

Note that this command does not actually play a busy tone to the user. If you wish to do that, call Playtones(busy) before calling this command. For most channels, the channel or the end device will take care of playing the busy signal to the caller - in particular, with SIP phones they will play their own Busy tone even if you have already called Playtones - it is often better to just call Playtones(Busy) and not Busy();

new in asterisk 1.2: Now this app supports an optional 'timeout' argument. If the optional timeout is specified, the calling channel will be hung up after the specified number of seconds. Otherwise, this application will wait until the calling channel hangs up.


exten => s,1,Answer ; can't Playtones unless we answer first
exten => s,n,Playtones(busy) ; send the audio sequence that humans understand means "busy"
exten => s,n,Busy(10) ; signal the other end that the line is busy.
exten => s,n,Hangup

Note: This example provides answer supervision and will typically be treated by the PSTN as a successfully completed call. Think of the payphone example... A payphone user calls into this "Busy" extension. If you "Answer" the channel to Playtones(Busy), the call has been completed successfully and the caller will lose their quarter. The "Playback" application has the ability to play a message to the user without providing answer supervision. This may be a better option, however playback doesn't support arbitrary tones.

(Of course, inband tones can always be prepared as sound files useable with Playback through utilities such as PAG. This won't work with compressing codecs, though.)

If you like to send a busy signal to a PRI connection, use PRI_CAUSE Asterisk cmd Hangup

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