Asterisk cmd ChangeMonitor


Change monitoring filename of a channel



If the channel is currently being recorded with the Monitor command, then this command will change the filename of the file being saved to. This command has no effect if the current channel is not being Monitored.
Note it will just rename the files being saved when the recording is stopped. It does not start a new recording with a new filename.

Can cause this harmless warning:
WARNING[28650] res_monitor.c: Cannot change monitor filename of channel SIP/... to ..., monitoring not started

Tip: Can be nicely employed with the help of the g or M options to the Dial application. Do not forget to store the filename name in a variable that is enherited to the remote channel in case of using the M option, e.g. prefix that variable with an underscore, example:



  • Does not appear to work MixMonitor(), only Monitor()
  • Should also work from the h extension.

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