Asterisk cmd CheckGroup





Checks that the current number of total channels in the current channel's group does not exceed 'max'. If the number does not exceed 'max', we continue to the next step. If the number does in fact exceed max, if priority n+101 exists, then execution continues at that step.


Present in Asterisk 1.0.x
Not in 1.2.x: The CheckGroup application has been deprecated, please use a combination of the GotoIf application and the GROUP_COUNT() function, example:

GotoIf($[ ${GROUP_COUNT()} > 5 ]?103)

In Asterisk v1.2 there is also a new function called GROUP_LIST() which will return a space separated list of all of the groups set on a channel. The GROUP() function can also return the name of the group set on a channel when used in a read environment.

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