Asterisk cmd Dictate


Virtual Dictation Machine: Asterisk now comes with an application to facilitate dictations, see bug 3893.



Start dictation machine using optional base dir for files.


dial 1 to toggle record and playback modes
dial 0 for help
dial * pause/unpause
dial # to enter a new filename

Playback Mode Options

dial 2 to toggle fast playback (speed 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x)
dial 7 to seek backwards a few frames
dial 8 to seek forwards a few frames

Record Mode Options

dial 8 to erase the whole file and start again.

File Format

The files are recorded in raw format and can be changed using sox.
ex: sox -r 8000 -w -c 1 -s [raw input file] [output file]


  exten => 1000,1,Dictate()
  exten => 1100,1,Dictate(/tmp/dictations)
  exten => 1200,1,Dictate(/tmp/dictations|1234)

See also

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