Asterisk cmd DigitTimeout


Set maximum timeout between digits

Deprecated in Asterisk v1.2 - use 'Set(TIMEOUT(digit)=timeout)' instead



Once a user begins typing an extension, the user has a maximum of DigitTimeout seconds to type additional digits before Asterisk considers the extension to be complete. If not specified in the dialplan, the default is 5 seconds.

Note that if the user has typed a sequence of digits that make up a valid extension number, it will be interpreted immediately, without waiting for the timeout. Therefore the very fact that a timeout occurs is an indication that the extension number will probably be considered invalid when it is interpreted.

When an extension is considered invalid, control passes to the i extension, or if that doesn't exist, control passes to the t extension, or if that doesn't exist, the call is terminated.

Unlike Wait() DigitTimeout supports only FULL seconds.
Any value below 1 sec. will result in improper digit handling. i.e. DigitTimeout (0.5) will most likely cause you problems. Specifically, a value of 0 seconds will cause Asterisk to drop out of the dialplan with a Timeout as soon as it encounters a need for DTMF input, so avoid it.

Return codes

Always returns 0.

See also

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