Asterisk cmd DynExtenDB

What is DynExtenDB?

  • DynExtenDB is a simple solution to manage a huge amount of extensions which change quite often.
  • DynExtenDB is something like your old extensions.conf, but it changes the way extensions are used. Your extensions will (additionally to extensions.conf) exist in a MySQL database and are only registered when used.

There is one really big advantage:
  • Your extensions.conf is STATIC - it has to be rewritten if something changes.
  • But your MySQL database is dynamic, and so is DynExtenDB: it makes your asteriskpbx 'dynamic' for your extensions. That means that your extensions are not anymore loaded once and registered statically when you launch asterisk, but instead your extensions will be queried in 'real-time' from MySQL and registered each time someone calls the specific DNID. By the way, did you try to have 50,000 extensions in your extensions.conf?

Please note that DynExtenDB isn't finished yet. It works great for my applications, but maybe it won't be useful for you - who knows. Feedback welcome.

From the website:
"Please note, that DynExtenDB only works with CAPI drivers.

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