Asterisk cmd ExtenSpy



Eavesdrop on a channel attached to a specific extension and whisper to it if desired.




  • The options parameter, which is optional, is a string containging zero or more of the following flags and parameters:

    • b: Only listens to channels which belong to a bridged call.
    • g(grp): Only listens to channels where the channel variable ${SPYGROUP} is set to grp. ${SPYGROUP} can contain a : separated list of values.
    • q: Do not play a tone or say the channel name when listening starts on a channel.
    • r(name): Records the listening session to the spool directory. A filename may be specified if desired; chanspy is the default.
    • v(value): Sets the initial volume. The value may be between -4 and 4.
    • w: Enables "whisper" mode. Lets the spying channel talk to the spyed-on channel.
    • W: Enables "private whisper mode". The "spying" channel can whisper to the spyed-on channel, but cannot listen.

The following key controls are available while listening:

# : Stepwise volume adjustment (-4 to 4)
* : Switch to another channel

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