Asterisk cmd GotoIfTime


Conditional goto on current time


GotoIfTime(<time range>,<days of week>,<days of month>,<months>?[labeliftrue][:labeliffalse])

If the current time matches the specified time, then branch to the specified priority label. Each of the elements may be specified either as '*' (for always) or as a range. If the current time does not match the specified time, and no false target is defined, the next priority is executed.

Times before Asterisk 1.6.2 are only accurate down to the 2-minute interval. So 12:01 is treated the same as 12:00.
Starting with 1.6.2, times are accurate down to the minute.

How to specify time

The include syntax is defined in the sample extensions.conf like this:

<time range>,<days of week>,<days of month>,<months>

<time range>= <hour>':'<minute>'-'<hour>':'<minute>
| "*"
<days of week> = <dayname>
| <dayname>'-'<dayname>
| "*"
<dayname> = "sun" | "mon" | "tue" | "wed" | "thu" | "fri" | "sat"
<days of month> = <daynum>
| <daynum>'-'<daynum>
| "*"
<daynum> = a number, 1 to 31, inclusive
<hour> = a number, 0 to 23, inclusive
<minute> = a number, 0 to 59, inclusive
<months> = <monthname>
| <monthname>'-'<monthname>
| "*"
<monthname> = "jan" | "feb" | "mar" | "apr" | "may" | "jun" | "jul" | "aug" | "sep" | "oct" | "nov" | "dec"

daynames and monthnames are not case-sensitive.


If you replace an option with *, it is ignored when matching. For instance:

exten => 3000,1,GotoIfTime(9:00-17:00,mon-fri,*,*?open)

would transfer to priority label "open" in the current extension if it's between 9:00 and 17:00, Monday through Friday, not checking the day of month or month.

Another example:

exten => s,n,GotoIfTime(*,*,26-30,May?attendant)

would transfer to priority label "attendant" in the current extension at any time from May 26th though May 30th.


If the comment about holidays is true, then here's a list suitable in the United States:

Independence Day: *,*,4,jul
Christmas: *,*,25,dec
NewYear: *,*,1,jan
MartinLutherKing: *,mon,15-21,jan
Valentines: *,*,14,feb
StPatDay *,*,17,mar
Halloween *,*,31,oct
Thanksgiving *,thu,22-28,nov
MemorialDay *,mon,25-31,may
LaborDay *,mon,1-7,sep
Pres/WashBday *,mon,15-21,feb
MothersDay *,sun,8-14,may
FathersDay *,sun,15-21,jun

Easter: Good Luck! Paschal moons, etc).
2007 *,*,8,apr
2008 *,*,23,mar
2009 *,*,12,apr
2010 *,*,4,apr
2011 *,*,24,apr
2012 *,*,8,apr
2013 *,*,31,mar
2014 *,*,20,apr
2015 *,*,5,apr
2016 *,*,27,mar
2017 *,*,16,apr
2018 *,*,1,apr
2019 *,*,21,apr
2020 *,*,12,apr
2021 *,*,4,apr
2022 *,*,17,apr
2023 *,*,9,apr
2024 *,*,31,mar
2025 *,*,20,apr
2026 *,*,5,apr
2027 *,*,28,mar
2028 *,*,16,apr
2029 *,*,1,apr
2030 *,*,21,apr
2031 *,*,13,apr
2032 *,*,28,mar
2033 *,*,17,apr
2034 *,*,9,apr
2035 *,*,25,mar
2036 *,*,13,apr
2037 *,*,5,apr
2038 *,*,25,apr
2039 *,*,10,apr

Here is the calculation of Easter dates:

No years - How do I do this without reprogramming every year?

If the day in question is always in the same month, and moves not more than 7 days (e.g., in New Zealand, Labor day is "the fourth Monday in October"), you can specify a perpetual version; work out the earliest and the latest it can be, and specify the necessary weekday. The fourth Monday can not be earlier than the 22nd and not later than the 28th. So:


Similarly, if it is the sort of holiday that moves to Monday if it falls on the weekend, you can do it with a couple of rules. For example, in New Zealand, "New Year's Day" is the 1st of January (if the first of January is a weekday) or the first weekday thereafter:


- that is, the 1st of January if it's a weekday, or the Monday on the second or third of January.

For Veterans' Day, the same method can be used. Veterans' Day is on November 11. If the 11th is a weekday, it is observed on the 11th. If the 11th falls on Saturday, the holiday will be observed on the Friday before (the 10th); if the 11th falls on Sunday, the holiday will be observed on the following Monday (the 12th):


Easter is a lot more complicated.

Using GotoIfTime for non-static dates (for example, UK bank holidays in my case) means that the system must be updated every year. If the person who knows that this must be done forgets (or is no longer associated with the phone system) then things can go horribly wrong.
So.... For UK bank holidays, run the following script (which contains all UK bank holidays up to the end of 2009):

  1. !/bin/sh
asterisk -rx 'database deltree bankholiday'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20060828 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20061225 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20061226 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20070101 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20070406 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20070409 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20070507 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20070528 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20070827 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20071225 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20071226 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20080101 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20080321 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20080324 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20080505 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20080526 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20080825 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20081225 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20081226 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20090101 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20090410 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20090413 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20090504 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20090525 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20090831 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20091225 1'
asterisk -rx 'database put bankholiday 20091228 1'

and then use the following in your dialplan:

exten => s,n,Set(BANKHOLIDAY=${DB_EXISTS(bankholiday/${TIMESTAMP:0:8})})

Same as above for asterisk >1.4 because ${TIMESTAMP} is deprecated
exten => s,n,Set(BANKHOLIDAY=${DB_EXISTS(bankholiday/${STRFTIME(${EPOCH},,%Y%m%d)})})

${BANKHOLIDAY} will now be either '0' or '1' and this can be used to do your GotoIfs!

See also

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