Asterisk cmd HasNewVoicemail


Conditionally branches to priority + 101




Branches to priority + 101, if there is new voicemail in the folder indicated. Optionally sets <varname> to the number of new messages. Assumes folder of INBOX if not specified.


- j Is need to jump.


These commands are now deprecated in favour of the VMCOUNT function

Written originally to (and therefore useful for) determining how many times an incoming call will ring. If there is no new voicemail, the phone might be allowed to ring several more times, possibly saving a toll call when there are no new messages to retreive.

Since 05/01/04, HasNewVoicemail has been implemented as a synonym for HasVoicemail. Until 10/03/04, these commands did not actually select any default folder, contrary to documentation, so a folder needs to be specified (:folder) in versions between those dates (including 1.0.0, 1.0.1 and CVS-HEAD-08/13/04-12:00:00-BRI-stuffed-0.1.0-RC4a).

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