Asterisk cmd LDAPget



Retrieve a value from an LDAP directory server (e.g. OpenLDAP or ActiveDirectory).
LDAPget does not require you to use a specific LDAP schema.



To lookup the Caller-ID's name you could configure your extensions.conf like this:


The corresponding section In the ldap.conf file could look like this:

host =
version = 3
user = cn=root,ou=People,
pass = secret
filter = (&(objectClass=person)(|(telephoneNumber=%s)(fax=%s)))
base = ou=Addressbook,

The "%s"s will be replaced by key1,key2, etc.
Asterisk variables in 'filter' and 'base' will also be evaluated. So you could also write the example above like this:

exten => 1234,1,LDAPget(CALLERIDNAME=cidname)

with the following filter in ldap.conf

filter = (&(objectClass=person)(|(telephoneNumber=${CALLERIDNUM})(fax=${CALLERIDNUM})))

TIP: On Mac OS you can use AddressBook2LDAP to Export your AddressBook to an LDAP directory.

Return values

Always returns 0. If the requested key is not found, jumps to priority n+101 if available.

Version information

LDAPget() is not included in Asterisk releases or CVS, it's a third party application.
and it's downloadable from here

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