Asterisk cmd MRCPTalk



MRCP integraton for Asterisk for text to speech- based on unimrcp



To enable this command you will need to install an additional module as part of asterisk. Now available for download (Read below)


MRCPTalk(profile|ssml file|wav file)


  • profile - The unimrcp profile to use
  • ssml file - The file which contains the ssml text
  • wav file - The wav file to which the synthesized file gets written to
Future versions will contain other configurable parameters like language etc.



(all paths have to be absolute paths)

When this application starts, the application connects to the MRCP server specified in the profile and sends the content of speak.xml which will be synthesized by the TTS server. The synthesized data will be sent back which will be written to the specified sound file (/tmp/location). Finally, the application plays back the file from the location.


Must have a MRCP v1 or v2 compliant server and unimrcp installed (latest version)


The product is still in beta and the price has not yet been decided exactly. Interested parties can mail to

__Single simultaneous call use for evaluation purpose is free.

Dialplan example

exten => 889,1,Answer
exten => 889,2, MRCPTalk(MRCPv2-Default|/tmp/speak.xml|/tmp/location)
exten => 889,3,Hangup.


(Use is for evaluation purpose only. If you want to use for commercial purpose please contact at the email address given below.)

1. Install unimrcp . Install it to /usr/local/unimrcp .

2. Download module from

3.Make asterisk aware of the library location. In most cases. execute this command.
ln -s /usr/local/unimrcp/lib/ /usr/lib/

4.Setup the mrcp server details in unimrcpclient.xml file in the /usr/local/unimrcpclient/conf directory.

And in asterisk you need to load the module and then you can use the mrcpspeech library as shown in the Dial plan above.
The packaged library can be used for only one call at a time. Use is free only for evaluation. If you want to use it in your applications please contact
at the address given below.


Coming soon

  • Asterisk integration to speaker identification
  • MRCP Integration to festival

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For questions or feed back email me: atul.sharma at ozonetel dot com

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