Asterisk cmd MachineDetect addon


Q: Is this the same as app_AMD as in bug/patch5959?


  • MachineDetect(x|y|z)

Waits for answering machine greetings to finish and sets a flag. Waits for 'x' milliseconds of silence, 'y' times. ${MACHINE} will be set to 1 if 'z' miliseconds of total (non-continuous) audio noise is detected. It will not clear the flag, so it is possible to run through several calls to the application with different detection settings in sequence


  • MachineDetect(700,2,2200) - will detect most machines. (default)
  • MachineDetect(500,3,2200) - will get through a \"hello, hello, hello\"\n";


This application is not distributed with Asterisk or Asterisk-Addons, therefore you must download and compile yourself. However, it is/will be included in Asterisk 1.4.


Put in your /usr/src/asterisk/apps/ directory. Then modify the Makefile in the /usr/src/asterisk/apps director to include 'APPS=' section

Note for compatability with Asterisk 1.2

The C lib includes must be moved above the Asterisk include directives. I will try to post a new version soon.

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