Asterisk cmd MeetmeAdmin




Run admin command for conference\n"
'K' — Kick all users out of conference\n"
'k' — Kick one user out of conference\n"
'L' — Lock conference\n"
'l' — Unlock conference\n"
'M' — Mute conference\n"
'm' — Unmute conference\n"

Most of the features are deprecated in 1.4
From the 1.4.13 Source
MeetMeAdmin(confno,command[,user]): Run admin command for conference
'e' — Eject last user that joined
'k' — Kick one user out of conference
'K' — Kick all users out of conference
'l' — Unlock conference
'L' — Lock conference
'm' — Unmute one user
'M' — Mute one user
'n' — Unmute all users in the conference
'N' — Mute all non-admin users in the conference
'r' — Reset one user's volume settings
'R' — Reset all users volume settings
's' — Lower entire conference speaking volume
'S' — Raise entire conference speaking volume
't' — Lower one user's talk volume
'T' — Raise one user's talk volume
'u' — Lower one user's listen volume
'U' — Raise one user's listen volume
'v' — Lower entire conference listening volume
'V' — Raise entire conference listening volume

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