Asterisk cmd Monitor Cleanup

Monitor Cleanup
Just a little script to help cleanup those *-in.wav and *-out.wav files:


@lines=`ls -1 /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/*in.wav`;
foreach $line (@lines){
    $base=~ s/(")/\\\"/g;
    $base=~ s/( )/\\\ /g;
    $base=~ s/(>)/\\\>/g;
    $base=~ s/(<)/\\\</g;
    print `soxmix $base-in.wav $base-out.wav $base.wav`;
    `rm -f $base-*`;


This will look for all "in" files and try to combine them with out files. I run this nightly with crontab.
tim (somewhere near) tims net (dot) com

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