Asterisk cmd Notify



Network Notification Application for use in the Asterisk dialplan.
Announce a callers name to your desktop pc. (so you know if it's worth jumping for the phone ;-))

A UNIX client is included in the package.
A Mac OS-X client can be downloaded from
This client supports Growl, AddressBook, iCal, Text2Speech, Bonjour
A client for the gnome desktop is available at


Notify(<callers phone number>|<callers name>|<called extension>/<hostname>[:port(default:40000)])

exten => s,1,Notify(${CALLERIDNUM}|${CALLERIDNAME}|${EXTEN}/sunnybook)
exten => s,2,Notify(${CALLERIDNUM}|${CALLERIDNAME}|${EXTEN}/windfeebook)

Return values

Always returns 0.

Version information

Notify() is not included in Asterisk releases or CVS, it's a third party application.

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