Asterisk cmd Prefix

Note: This command is completely obsolete and has been removed


Prepend leading digits



Prepends the digit string specified by digits to the channel's associated extension. For example, the number 1212 when prefixed with '555' will become 5551212.

In most cases you should use variable substitution ie. Use Dial(Zap/g0/555${EXTEN}) to do the same thing with one less step, however this command is still useful in complex dialplans.

Return codes

This app always returns 0, and the PBX will continue processing at the next priority for the new extension.


So, for example, if priority 3 of 1212 is Prefix 555, the next step executed will be priority 4 of 5551212. If you switch into an extension which has no first step, Asterisk will treat it as though the user dialed an invalid extension.

See also

  • StripLSD: Strip trailing digits
  • StripMSD: Strip leading digits (Obsolete)
  • Suffix: Append trailing digits (Obsolete)
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