Asterisk cmd ResponseTimeout


Set maximum timeout awaiting response



Set the maximum amount of time permitted after falling through a series of priorities for a channel in which the user may begin typing an extension. If the user does not type an extension in this amount of time, control will pass to the 't' extension if it exists, and if not, the call would be terminated.

If ResponseTimeout is not explicitly set in an extension, the default value of 15 seconds will be used.

New syntax for Asterisk version 1.2:

In Asterisk 1.2, the ResponseTimeout application is implemented as a dialplan function:



The autofallthrough setting introduced in Asterisk 1.2 now defaults to 'yes' in Asterisk 1.4; if your dialplan relies on the ability to 'run off the end' of an extension and wait for a new extension without using WaitExten() to accomplish that, you will need set autofallthrough to 'no' in your extensions.conf file.

A user experience

"autofallthrough=yes" causes the ResponseTimeout() to be ignored (as far as I can tell). After running out of extensions in a context, instead of waiting the amount of time specified in ResponseTimeout() and proceeding to t, the hangup extension (h) is reached. So: In order to obtain the behavior described above, make sure that autofallthrough is not set.

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