Asterisk cmd SayAlpha


Says a string of letters, numbers, and/or selected other characters.




Says each character in the string, one by one, in the language chosen (defaults to English). This command is available only in CVS > 2004-05-03.

Special Characters

SayAlpha will speak all letters and numbers, and the following special charcters:
  • ! exclamation point
  • @ at
  • # pound
  • $ dollar
  • * star
  • - dash
  • + plus
  • = equals
  • / slash
  • ' ' (an empty space) space
  • . dot

Using any other special character in the SayAlpha command will cause the extension to exit non-zero and the call will be terminated.

Note that SayAlpha will ignore the single quote (') and double quote (") character.


SayAlpha(abc123) ; Says "a b c one two three"
SayAlpha(abc 12+3#) ; Says "a b c space one two plus three pound"

See also

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