Asterisk cmd SayNumber


Says a number (e.g. "one thousand, two hundred and eighty eight").


SayNumber(number, gender)

Says number, in the language choosen (defaults to English). Copes only with integers between 0 and 99,999,999.

Gender is one of
"f" female
"m" male
"c" common/neuter

Compare with SayDigits.


Setting the language can change the way numbers are pronounced. The digits will be turned into
words according to the rules of the chosen language. By example, for the number 92 using the "en" language file "digits/90" will be played followed by "digits/2") but for the "fr" language the file file "digits/80" will be played followed by "digits/12").

This will work correctly only if the rules for the chosen language are coded into Asterisk and all of the required sound files are present.


SayNumber(123,f) ; Says "one hundred and twenty three"

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